Loving a sailor...

The actual act of "loving" a sailor is no different from someone else's "loving" their Significant Other (SO). The differences in this love, however, lie in the requirements. As a lover of a military member, I find that we are held to the highest standards. We must love them through incredible distances, time that seems to crawl when we DESPERATELY need it to fly by, moments of definite uncertainties, nights of tears and worry, all while trying to continue our own day to day lives maintaining whatever sanity we have.

My story begins a little crazy and extreme. I had worked with James and at the time had a boyfriend, so I never thought much of anyone else but my then bf. Time went by, my relationship status changed here and there, and after two years James and I reconnected after he was in a bad car accident. While he was confined to his home for a short while, we found ourselves growing closer to one another through conversations on the computer. Everything for us moved fast after that, we moved in together, fell in love....and since then, I've never stopped falling for my, now--as of June 4, 2010, husband...

He is a commissioned officer in the USN and we've had an interesting love that only continues to grow and be strengthened especially by the challenges that the U.S. Navy sends our way.

He first went to Officer Candidate Training in Dec. 09' and it was an incredibly trying time for us because we were one another's BEST friend and we spent pretty much ALL of our time together. Through OCT, he suffered a few setbacks like getting sick that prolonged his time there. It was rough mentally and emotionally. I cried COUNTLESS nights and had so many battles within myself between wanting to be weak but needing to be strong for him....and for myself!! I learned quite a few things about myself and about all the things that make life richer....and help you to make it along the way...Patience....Faith....Strength.....and more importantly LOVE.

We've made it through our first major deployment....all the smiles and strength and faith in the world didn't make it EASY per se, but they did make it more bearable...I first made my tumblr before he'd deployed as a means to cope with what was to come but since it's become something more for me. I took time off but I'm back and happy to be here :) I am a wife, a friend, a mommy-to-be and ALIVE!!

I have a new page where I'm tracking this really incredible pregnancy. I'm really looking forward to "mommyhood."

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I AM a hopeless romantic <3

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October 19th, 2011
My beautiful, beautiful little baby!!

My beautiful, beautiful little baby!!

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October 14th, 2011

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October 2nd, 2011

Baby scare :’(

Dear God,

Spent 5 hours in the ER. I know You were there and I really appreciate Your presence. I went because of some spotting. I was pretty much freaking out from the beginning because (1) I’m already at increased risk for miscarriage because of my PCOS. (2) I’m only about 10 weeks and the first trimester is when you’re at the highest risk. I was trying soooo hard to stay calm, but by the time the triage nurse called me back for the initial questions as to why I was there, and taking my temp, bp, and other info, I just lost it. I know that You don’t put more on me than I can handle…but I also know I haven’t reached my full potential. This little blessing that you’re allowing to blossom within me has changed me so much already. I’ve always been sensitive. Always emotional. But now…it’s beyond my comprehension. It was such a scary situation…I cried and could barely get my words out, but the nurse understood and was really reassuring. I’m glad that she was who you had me seeing first. It helped to calm me down a lot. By the time I was actually seen, I was a little optimistic but when they did the ultrasound, and at first they couldn’t find my baby’s heartbeat :’( I don’t think anything could adequately describe my fear in that moment. The whole world stopped. You don’t give us the spirit of fear but I’m so weak and vulnerable when it comes to this child…James was scared, too. Just the thought of losing something already so precious :’( I know that I have to rediscover my FAITH and rechannel all of my energies. I have to focus on knowing that You will protect us. You are with us!! I just thank You for finally helping them to find my baby’s heartbeat. The tears flowed from a relieved Mommy!! Thank you GOD!!! THANK YOU for taking care of my baby!!! Thank you for giving me this baby to be thankful for!!! Baby’s heartbeat wasn’t only THERE, but it was STRONG and HEALTHY. You even gave me the opportunity to see the little flutter of her (or his) heartbeat. I actually SAW the little teeny tiny heart beating…Thank You!! I pray that You stay with us and that You keep us in your eyesight at all times!!

Amen. Goodnight…I love You!!

Results upon Discharge: Threatened Miscarriage, but all ultrasounds, blood work, and pelvic exam yielded positive and reassuring results :0) Baby has good, strong heartbeat and is located in the right place <3

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September 29th, 2011
Dining Out (May 2011)

Dining Out (May 2011)

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September 29th, 2011

Beautiful Love!! The words and the message of the video. If you value and respect love’s enduring strength, this is for you!!

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September 28th, 2011

the freakin power is off…

I’m pregnant, it’s hot, AND my husband is still underway…can’t wait until he gets home in a few days

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September 27th, 2011
Good night.
Me and Baby love lump :0)
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September 27th, 2011

roadtolove wrote...
I'm good! James is deployed :( but making his care packages are just so much fun:) You can see them on my page under "The lovebirds". Anything new? where have you been?!

Aww :0( Well, glad you’re finding a source of positive through it. Things like that definitely helped me when (my) James was deployed, too!! Anything that gave me somewhere to channel my energy for him. And yeah, I’ll take a look. I’m sure they’re great. Yeah, I have some new things going on. I just wrote a LONGGG post. Lol.

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September 27th, 2011

roadtolove wrote...
OMGOSH, are you finally back?!!? :O :)!! ahh, how are you?!?!!? :D I never wanted to unfollow you and when I saw that you liked my post, I was like no way! haha.

Yes ma’am!!! I am, indeed!!! And I felt like you’d stick around :) Because you’re AWESOME. Lol. But it’s real. It’s me!! I’m here <3 I’m doing pretty well. HOW ARE YOU?!?

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September 27th, 2011

So I’m back and we’ve had some big changes…

Hopefully, I stick around a little longer this time. I rather enjoy my Tumblr-ing :) I’ve been going through so much these past few months though, and it just sort of took me away. Had to do what was right for me. First off, and I’ll try to go in chronological order.

April 2011: Our little puppy wuppy arrived and he is the most handsome little furball in the world. He’s an Olde English Bulldog and his name is Cee-lo. We love him DEARLY (even though currently he irritates me very much—I’ll explain that later). But he makes #3 to our family, and that’s really what we consider him: FAMILY. He snores, passes gas, sleeps on his back sometimes, lol…all the richest parts of life!!

Um, May 2011: Got a little part time job - Cashiering at Dick’s Sporting Goods to get out of the house and make a little side money. Dick’s is cool…I suppose…but there are also a few dicks working there soooo…Also, we purchased a condo. No longer renters, we’re happy about that.

June 2011: Celebrated my one year anniversary with my husband…unfortunately, he had duty the day of our anniversary, so we didn’t truly get to celebrate that day :0( and now, we’re officially in our condo!! One of my very best friends flew down to visit me. Such a necessary visit :0)

July 2011: Mommy and little brother came to visit :0)

August 2011: Started school. Late August — put in my two weeks notice.

In the midst of all of this, I was struggling to get pregnant. Early this year I was formally diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I, through research and thoroughly understanding my symptoms, had already realized this was my problem. I’ve NEVER since the age of…13?? had a regular cycle. I think the first year, my cycle might have been sort of regular and then at 13 it suddenly stopped coming for 6 months. I had just made a major move and was very out of place so based on this information doctors just passed it off as my body’s reaction to stress. At the end of last year however, my cycle, after a 2-3 month halt, started. It lasted from Oct to mid February…lightning up at times but never completely stopping. Long story short I went from one doctor to the next, had an ultrasound done and it revealed tons of cyst on my ovaries. After that point I was referred to the infertility clinic in my hospital and my struggle with TTC continued there…it’s been incredibly rough because I sort of felt alone being that few people in my family have had trouble conceiving. I struggled with feelings of failing as a wife because bearing children is supposed to be one of the most natural things…it’s a part of being a woman…and I was having trouble doing the one thing that my heart is most equipped for (equal only to being a wife). What mentally and physically I wanted, my body was keeping me from doing. I was put on Metformin and prenatal vitamins and given a harsh reality by my doctors that thinner women with PCOS have a harder time producing an egg and just a harder time in general getting pregnant. We started with all of the basics — procedure to check the state of my uterus and find whether or not my fallopian tubes were open. I had to repeat the procedure due to complications. It was very uncomfortable and painful for me both times. They checked my husband, just as a standard (though of course he wasn’t the problem). I was finally worked up to doing a round of Clomid, which over-stimulated my ovaries and sent me to the ER. Afterwards, we did a round of Letrazole, which successfully helped me produce a healthy follicle. Following that, my husband gave me a hormone inducing shot at home and the next day I went in for Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). It was successful!! BY THE GRACE OF GOD, it was successful. It has still been extremely emotional for me. My first positive pregnancy test…I was just so nervous and I prayed it wasn’t a false positive (I’d had a single false pos. before). Over maybe a week, I took 2 more and got plus signs (+) both times!!! I went in for my blood work and was given the official “congratulations” the next week. I’ve since had a doctor’s appt where I got an ultrasound and was able to hear my beautiful baby’s heartbeat!! <3 <3 <3 I cried (of course)!! I’ve still been worrying b/c women with PCOS are at increased risk of miscarriage, but lately I’ve been doing much better and haven’t been thinking of that too much. I am currently struggling with school and being fatigued and constantly sick…we’ll see how that turns out (wish me well). My sweetness is due to join me April 30th (one day after mommy’s birthday). I do expect the date to change just a bit. I have to count again but I think the docs are off just a little. LOL. I want the baby to come between 4/27 and 4/30….close to mommy’s birthday :)

So anyway, that’s my life at the moment!!

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September 27th, 2011









It’s hours and hours of random white people who don’t do shit… until finally 2 black guys that are normally stereotyped as drug dealers and thugs are the ones who step up to save the little white girl. Fuck you, stereotypes.

Imagine if it was your child…no one even pulled out a phone…called attention. I love the protective nature of men! Good job guys!

for real ^^^ i know my small ass could do nothing or take him on but i would DEFINITELY pull out my phone at the VERY least. my daughter is 7 and to see ppl walk by and do NOTHING is very disheartening. even the guy walking with his OWN child. smfh.

OMG No no no, I swear if I ever saw a child like that I would get involved. When someone cries out for help you f*cking help! And these people just walked by like oh well someone else will do something. No I started to cry when the two men started to actually go and get that man. Oh I swear people these days! When a child screams HELP YOU HELP! 

^ I got tears in my eyes and goosebumps when the men went to help the little girl. SMDH at everyone else who just walked by, shame on them!

People need to not be so afraid. How many of those people could  have called the cops? Probably all of them. You don’t always have to get into a physical altercation with someone in order to “take action”, simply finding a phone & giving a physical description and telling the police the direction the person went is good. Even if you think a kid is being “naughty” or “dramatic” call someone and report it. You don’t know, you’re just assuming the kid’s being naughty…key word assuming and assuming is wrong. I applaud these men for getting ready to take down the “kidnapper”.  

This made me cry. And have a lot less faith in the people of our country.

^ same. yeah. i just cried. this broke my heart on so many levels and made me afraid all at the same time. and might i add that if i ever saw this going down, dude would get a gun pulled on him. if you think i’m lying i promise you, i’m not. hell no.

I’ve seen this several times and it never ceases to amaze me. It certainly scares me as a mom-to-be….and just as a person in general. It diminishes a little hope for humanity. It made me cry, but I’m thankful for the few like the men that finally were called to ACT by their hearts, compassion, and a CONSCIENCE!!

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December 7th, 2010

Reblog if you want to keep the “CHRIST” in Christmas. It is the reason for the season.


I hate “Reblog if” stuff, but I do like this one <3

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December 7th, 2010

Soooooo...... You need to come see us. The guest bedroom will be ready in a couple weeks :D <3

Awwwww, AGREED!!!

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December 7th, 2010

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December 7th, 2010


I was raped by my boss 4 years ago and got pregnant.

Today, my daughter asked me where her daddy was.

My best friend, whom I secretly love, said “I’m your daddy, Emma. And I’m in love with your mommy.”

He then got down on one knee and proposed.

Kyle, your love for me and for Emma GMH.

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